Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who Do You "Think" You Are?

Our personal reality has been constructed by invisible currents flowing in, around, and through us. For better or for worse, no matter what we think about ourselves we hold a mental picture that will ultimately, and unquestionably turn into a physical reality. It will determine how we learn, our choice of career, our relationships, attitude, and even what we say. The accumulation of failure, rejections, set backs, etc., can badly damage our spirit and stifle our personal belief system. Remember, your thoughts are voluntary! To remain a victim is a bad choice. We have the power to make our reality what ever we want!

A rich life full of meaning and growth often requires a remodeling of our thinking. Eliminate negative moods and the tendency to put yourself down. Write down your qualities and ideas, trust your own brilliance, and let your greatness out!! Creating your own reality is an important skill, because success doesn't come from where you are, it comes from what you think!

Go on! Push yourself, today, farther than you've ever gone before. There are deeper layers of energy and creativity just waiting to surface. Just by taking the smallest steps you are communicating to you and the world that you believe in yourself and your dreams!!!

Make every moment count and have a great day!


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