Saturday, April 26, 2014

Enormous Benefit to Accomplishing Even the Smallest Task

To jump-start your goals, and kick the paralyzing habit of getting bored, sidetracked, procrastinating, or waiting for the elusive perfect time, chose an easy priority task and complete it. Schedule, start and finish a specific goal-oriented activity, for just thirty minutes, even if you don't feel inspired! (Have a specific outcome in mind) Once you complete the task, you'll not only break the pattern of inertia, your momentum and confidence will increase! To help keep your attention focused, visualize yourself enjoying the benefits of achieving your short, mid and long-term goals!

We all have thirty minutes. Let's move from thinking, pondering, and reflecting to getting down to business. Many of us have already experienced the amazing feeling/benefits of accomplishing some of our goals, so why not keep it going? Perseverance, unquestionably one of the key factors, along with concerted effort and self-discipline, we really can turn our dreams into reality!! :–)

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