Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review by Editor of Sacramento Parent Magazine

Lessons Learned from a Little Boy

By Shelly Bokman
I read through local author Joanne Veeck’s latest children’s book, We Love You Just the Way You Are, and I must admit I had to hunt down a tissue before I could begin to write about it. This true story of a special needs boy named Adam is filled with honest and heart-felt dialogue between both the adults and children in Adam’s life. We are given a glimpse of his struggles and his parents’ inevitable concerns. We see how his family, teachers and classmates are captivated by his sweet spirit and because of Adam; they learn to see people for who they really are. Filled with compassion, this story shows us the extraordinary gifts Adam offers to his family and friends as they grow to know and love him.
Recently, Joanne read We Love You Just the Way You Are to a 4th grade class. When she finished she asked the children to rate her book from one to five stars. Before any of the children had the chance to even raise their hands, one boy shouted out, “SIX!”
In this climate of increased bullying, We Love You Just the Way You Are, is not only a must read for children—but for teachers of all levels and adults alike. For more information or to obtain a copy of any of Joanne’s books, visit