Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Now Available–J. Veeck's Novel, SEMESTER ABROAD

Enjoy the unique and fascinating journey (based on a true story) of a college semester abroad, from a not-so-traditional college student. The events surrounding Semester Abroad have been taken from a well-preserved, 40-year old detailed diary. It is heart-warming, humorous (hysterical at times), suspenseful, romantic and so fun that young adult readers won't want to put the book down.

From world-renowned ski resorts in Switzerland, to the ritzy Champs-Elysees Boulevard in Paris, Checkpoint Charlie in East Berlin, the red-light district in Amsterdam, and many other European marvels, Joanne Jeffers and her college friends experienced a full gamut of a semester abroad. A thin tight rope was walked, barely balanced by a web of troubles and disasters. After a near-death accident Joanne became entangled in a physical and emotional tug of war that ultimately led to a final, climatic shocking turn–that will leave readers scratching their heads and wondering for days.

It is my hope that junior high/high school students will love the story line, immediately feel a connection to the characters, and will not only be inspired to attend college, but will also want to discover all the many wonder/life-altering experiences a semester abroad has to offer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who Do You "Think" You Are?

Our personal reality has been constructed by invisible currents flowing in, around, and through us. For better or for worse, no matter what we think about ourselves we hold a mental picture that will ultimately, and unquestionably turn into a physical reality. It will determine how we learn, our choice of career, our relationships, attitude, and even what we say. The accumulation of failure, rejections, set backs, etc., can badly damage our spirit and stifle our personal belief system. Remember, your thoughts are voluntary! To remain a victim is a bad choice. We have the power to make our reality what ever we want!

A rich life full of meaning and growth often requires a remodeling of our thinking. Eliminate negative moods and the tendency to put yourself down. Write down your qualities and ideas, trust your own brilliance, and let your greatness out!! Creating your own reality is an important skill, because success doesn't come from where you are, it comes from what you think!

Go on! Push yourself, today, farther than you've ever gone before. There are deeper layers of energy and creativity just waiting to surface. Just by taking the smallest steps you are communicating to you and the world that you believe in yourself and your dreams!!!

Make every moment count and have a great day!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Enormous Benefit to Accomplishing Even the Smallest Task

To jump-start your goals, and kick the paralyzing habit of getting bored, sidetracked, procrastinating, or waiting for the elusive perfect time, chose an easy priority task and complete it. Schedule, start and finish a specific goal-oriented activity, for just thirty minutes, even if you don't feel inspired! (Have a specific outcome in mind) Once you complete the task, you'll not only break the pattern of inertia, your momentum and confidence will increase! To help keep your attention focused, visualize yourself enjoying the benefits of achieving your short, mid and long-term goals!

We all have thirty minutes. Let's move from thinking, pondering, and reflecting to getting down to business. Many of us have already experienced the amazing feeling/benefits of accomplishing some of our goals, so why not keep it going? Perseverance, unquestionably one of the key factors, along with concerted effort and self-discipline, we really can turn our dreams into reality!! :–)

Friday, April 4, 2014


You are meant to live an exciting life with pride beside you, and hope ahead of you! Once you liberate yourself from dwelling on problems, and start focusing on opportunities, you will discover your true design of potential, greatness and endless creativity. Successful people, whether born with a silver spoon in their mouths, or in poverty have one thing in common; they run toward the light of opportunity (not away from it) wherever it shines. Without successful experiences you will remain trapped inside a negative belief system and self image. Self esteem is life's highest value.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


When something is missing in our lives we can do one of two things. We can be in denial and stay rooted in a web of dissatisfaction, or we can take a brave step of admitting the truth, then choosing to release the pattern, creating a new plan, and committing to taking action. The pivotal element we need is WILLINGNESS–then watch your energy and creativity flow like magic! 

*(Celebrate the step that you finally took and then keep on going! Each accomplishment generates energy and motivation to do the next thing on your list. We all have the potential for greatness, including you!)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Make Today Count!

Thought For the Day: Move outside the lines of accepted convention. If you don't break some of the rules you'll miss opportunities for creative thinking. Forget about how practical or realistic your ideas are, and most importantly, don't give a single thought to what other people might think! As Laurence Boldt stated, "Follow your own heart, make up your own rules, and dare to dream the impossible."

Friday, March 14, 2014

Joanne's New Website

I invite all of you to browse through my new website, www.lifecoachingbeyondlimits.com. There is a lot to be gained just by reading through it. Whether you think you've "heard it all before," or you're reading material like this for the first time, you can never get too much of a really good thing.

After one of my clients reviewed my website she said, "Joanne, you've just about given away the store..." My response to her was, "Yes, it's a lot of good information, but the truth is, it barely touches the surface. There is much more to learn, and then gain, by practicing the scientifically proven methods of Positive Psychology.

If you know anyone that could stand some encouragement, needs some uplifting, or guidance to a new, more positive way of thinking and living, please feel free to share my website with them or have them contact me, personally.

As stated in my website, there are many speakers and life coaches, but with my knowledge, passion, and determination to help people.

And, one more thing – here's a little hint: If you want to see positive changes in your life, hang around people who inspire you... people that thrive on change, take risks, and who will sharpen your ideas!

I hope you enjoy my website! I would love to hear from you!


Joanne Veeck