Monday, March 1, 2010

What Color Are Your Glasses?

First of all, I want to thank my “followers,” on blogspot or through my personal emails, for taking the time to comment on my articles. I love to know what you’re thinking! I’m intrigued by your questions, your honesty and even your skepticism.

After reading my article titled, Healthy Energy=Healthy Body, emphasizing the great impact our thoughts have on our physical and mental health, one of my “followers” told me her mother-in-law always seemed to view things and live her life through “rose-colored glasses.” As I read on, I realized she didn’t necessarily agree that her mother-in-law’s way was the best way. However, as I continued reading, I learned her mother-in-law, who passed away in her nineties, was a very happy, well respected, intelligent and compassionate woman. Can her long life and well-being be attributed to viewing life through her “rose-colored glasses?”

At this very moment, our minds are fully equipped to begin the process of achieving complete happiness. Identifying our mental state or consciousness, each our thousands of different thoughts, is the foundation for that accomplishment. We have to build an awareness of the negative emotions that are harmful to us and learn how to reduce or eliminate them. Equal in importance is recognizing the helpful and positive thought/emotion and learning how to nourish it! Once we learn how to identify our negative thinking that all too often turns into “patterns,” and realize how harmful it is to us personally, and to society as a whole, we can then make slight movements toward new, intentional choices that make us feel better and contribute to the well-being of others.

A balanced life is a conscious choice and requires the willingness to “let go” of what continuously doesn’t work, i.e. old habits and old beliefs. The fact is everyone is faced with problems, within their personal lives, societies and issues worldwide. But every human problem has many different angles. The severity of the problem depends on the angle from which it is viewed, from whom it’s viewed and the "color" of his/her glasses. People who view inevitable challenges of life through "rose-colored glasses" and seem to glide through tough times do so because they’ve chosen to react positively to predicaments.

We can’t control all of our problems but we can always control our reactions to them which ultimately control the effect they have on us, which is the bottom line! We simply need to ask ourselves, “What will I allow this problem to do to me?” Controlling our reaction doesn’t mean underestimating the problem, it means disciplining our minds to manage it positively and creatively. It’s true, problems can be opportunities; it just depends on the color of your glasses.

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