Tuesday, March 23, 2010

State Your Purpose, Please

I once read, “99% of all people never reach their dreams and sadly, the reason is, because only 1% ever try.” A large survey, conducted by William Marsteen, a prominent psychologist, supported this statement. When the members of the survey were asked, “What do you have to live for,” 94% said they had no definite purpose. Many people wait and hope that someday their purpose will magically appear so they can experience the true joy of aliveness. I love how Jim Collins puts it in his book, Good to Great, “Few people attain great lives, in large part because it is just so easy to settle for a good life.” In other words, “good is the enemy of great.” Life is just too darn short to watch, wonder and wait and “good” is just not good enough. The process of identifying your purpose will provide you a sense of peace and a new-found vitality in your life!

Discover your purpose by learning and becoming aware of what ignites your spirit and is in harmony with your natural strengths and desires. Being passionate and being guided and motivated by your passions work in unison toward living your purpose. Without passion life is reduced to mere existence, mechanical living and indifference.

Listen to the “loud” voices in your head. I refer to them as loud because once you do begin to pay a great deal of attention to the “whisperings of the conscience,” which remember, cannot be accessed from any other place, they become loud and clear. Recognize and value these inspirations that come to you and only you as they will help you visualize and organize your intricate plan.

Take action! Make a commitment to say good-bye to a blasé way of life. The purposeful direction of your mental, emotional and physical energy should be used toward following through with specific goals that will help you grow and live in your purpose. You are an important person and you have the capacity to make a difference in your world…accept this responsibility!

Balance and lasting happiness come from living in full awareness of your purpose. You will be pushed and pulled by competing demands and will be required to make adjustments along the way but “stating your purpose” will make you realize you are a stronger, more talented and capable person than you ever dreamed. Additionally, you will be inspired, comforted and guided on your journey through the best use of your great life.

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The Midnight Motivator

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